I have started this website and blog to share my experiences, in the hope that some of them will make people smile,  evoke some sort of emotion, or even help someone who might be going through the same things as me.

​I don't know yet whether I will find it cathartic, and whether it will help me with the things that I continue to experience everyday, but I will keep writing, and if just one person can get something out of what I have written here, then I think that will probably do for me!!​​

I am a thirty year old man, married to the woman that I have been with since I was 18. That woman has suffered with depression probably for as long as I have known her, but certainly for 8 or more of the last 12 years. That condition, and the effect that it has on our lives, has an influence on everything I do, every decision I make, and every aspect of my life. But we no longer allow it to take over, or to dominate the life that we have together.

As well as a husband, I am a Sales Director for a successful IT company. My job is a key part of me for many reasons, not least because it has been an outlet for the parts of my personality that I can't bring home and a hiding place from some of the things that I would otherwise be going home to. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have hidden from them and I imagine that to a degree, I always will, but I hope that my job will always be much more to me than that and that my career will always be something that I can be proud of.

​My life would be something completely different without our dog. We changed a lot of things just to have him in our lives, and in return he has changed everything for us. The single biggest contributor in my eyes to my wife regaining control of her life, there are so many reasons why I consider my dog to be one of the three things that make my life what it is today. Hopefully, he will add something a little more light-hearted to my blog, and be the something that makes people smile on this site.


My life has many dimensions, but three of them really shape it - Depression, Deals and the Dog - that's my "3D" Life
I have never made a website before, or a blog... So it will all be a bit clumsy - at the moment I don't even know if everything lines up right. You will soon see that I'm not creative, so visually it may all be a bit dull and simplistic - and lacking. But I really hope people can get something from the content. I'll do my best to keep it relevant and interesting and to share all the things that I go through in my 3D life. For now, I'm going to keep my identity confidential - only so that I can share things openly about all aspects of my life with no fear of repercussions...!